Pakistani journalist interviewed a buffalo and even got an answer

We live in strange times of journalism and after watching this video you’ll probably believe it. Recently, a Pakistani reporter decided to report the death of humanitarian Abdul Sattar Edhi lying down in his grave and here is another reporter who thought it’s wise to interview cattle to substantiate his report.

Geo News reporter Amin Hafeez, who is famous for his reporting skills as ‘funny’ on social media, was reporting on how cattle in Lahore are using the foot over bridge to cross the otherwise busy road as opposed to humans who risk their lives crossing the road as it is.

In the video, that Hafeez shared on his Facebook page, he can be seen interviewing buffaloes asking them whether they find using the foot over bridge easy or difficult. Buffaloes being buffaloes moo-ed and, in a snap, he understood what they’re trying to say. “They’re probably saying that it’s not easy for any animal to climb the stairs,” he says. And there are people who’ve commented that it’s a good package.

Well, it’s really interesting to see cows and buffaloes climbing the stairs and using the foot over bridge like it’s no big deal for them.
Watch video: