Karnali folks: one lakh shares invest in 440-MW Tila-I hydro

Kathmandu: Minister for Energy Janardan Sharma has decided to speed up the 440-MW Tila hydropower project-I by offering each household in five districts of Karnali zone, where the river lies, a share of at least one lakh rupees.

Sharma told Onlinekhabar: We have written to SC Power Company, which has the project survey licence, seeking equity shares of one lakh rupees for each household of Karnali, which lies in Province 6.

The decision reads: In Tila-I, the government will make 10 per cent share investment. Each households from five districts in the zone will have equity shares of at least one lakh rupees. We will seek commitment from the developers to this end.

Sharma said the Ministry of Energy will make adequate arrangements so as to enable local people to deposit their money in installments throughout the project period.

Concessional loans will be provided to local people so that they can invest in the project. Tila project will enter the construction phase with the signing of a power purchase agreement once the promoters make a writen commitment.

Development of different hydels like Nalsinghgad, Tila, Bheri corridor and Karnali corridor is currently underway in Province 6.
सरकारले कर्णालीका प्रत्येक घर परिवारलाई जलविद्युत आयोजना-१ मा कम्तिमा एक-एक लाखको सेयर दिलाउने भएको छ । डोल्पा, हुम्ला, जुम्ला, मुगु र कालीकोटका सबै परिवारलाई एक-एक लाख रुपैयाँको सेयर दिने निर्णय भएको हो ।
At the same time, Minister Sharma expressed commitment to continuing efforts for all-round development of Karnali.