Nepal vs India fight-video

Post-Independence, the then prime minister Indira Gandhi, after the annexation of Sikkim, assigned Kao - Research and Analysis Wing officer (RAW) with an assignment to split Nepal’s "Terai Region"(Southern plane of Nepal) and annex it into India [1]. But, the King Mahendra of Nepal, who supposedly seemed to have the knowledge, decided to construct the national highway on those planes as a part of the counter strategy . So, Indira Gandhi, on the visit of King Mahendra to India, inquired why was he constructing a highway on the India's territory, since the topology of the planes clearly marks it as India's. Taken aback by her words, King Mahendra believed to have said, "If marking is all that's required, then crossed Khukuris (a traditional Nepalese Knife) should mark's mine, but they don't". Unable to understand the answer, she turned around to find her bodyguard wearing the Khukuri cross - a symbol of Gurkha, standing beside her. After that, she replaced the Gurkha by Sikh bodyguards, and the rest is history. She was assassinated by her own bodyguards in the coming years.

Nepalese have a very proud history of valor which is inextricably bounded with extreme loyalty. This is the reason why the Gurkhas are placed in the most sensitive position around the world, whether it is about protecting the queen of England and the royal family, the Sultanate of Brunei, the whole of Singapore, United State Embassies (e.g Kabul), Baghdad International Airport, Al Rasheed Hotel (Iraq), LoC (Kargil) etc. Nepalese are part of the elite force in half a dozen countries, and more.

Nepalese will never betray, whatever may be the circumstances. If by chance, there happens to be the war with any of those countries, they will quit, come back to Nepal and then fight; but they will never betray.