Shocking video of nepali bad girl

They think that they are being super cool doing this kind of thing but in actuality they are spreading a bad message and bad culture in the society. They are just spoiling the people and their mind. We know that many o youths have gone to foreign lad for the employment. Since there is no proper facilities and job opportunity in our county, in order to help their financial need and to fulfill their other desire they have to leave the motherland forcefully and they go to foreign land to earn money so that they can do something better in the future.

In this way, many youths have left the country but what is shameful is the wife of those people who are staying here has forgot the purpose of their husband going to foreign in order to prepare for their future.  We see they have forgotten that their husband sent them money lowing their sweat, those girls are roaming here as there with different kind of guy and enjoying their life.

In this video we can see a similar kind of thing, a girl who already has a baby and her wife has gone in foreign land to earn money is spending all money in alcohol and guys. She is seen with a guy and seems drunk. In a no time some o the women come there and starts to beat her saying why are you roaming with others husband and how many children do you have. This is a really shameful as they are spoiling the society and spreading a bad message.