ECN appraises PM of election preparation

Kathmandu, March 17: The Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) has appraised Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' of the preparations regarding the upcoming local election today.
Chief Election Commissioner Ayodhee Prasad Yadav reached the PM's residence at Baluwatar in the morning to inform the PM about ECN's activities and ongoing preparations to hold local level election on May 14 this year.

During the meeting, Chief Commissioner Yadav and PM Dahal also discussed about enabling conducive environment for the election that has been long overdue.

Urging the PM for his positive intervention to help create political goodwill and mutual trust among the political parties, Chief Commissioner Yadav stated, "The ECN wants all the political parties, inside and outside the parliament, in the country to contest in the upcoming local level election."
Reaffirming the ECN's commitment for holding the constitution mandated election within the stipulated time, Yadav pressed for forging unity among the political parties by sorting out the differences to move ahead in unison for election.

He was of the opinion that all the Nepalis and the political parties must be able to feel ownership over the upcoming election. PM Dahal, responding to Yadav, also reaffirmed his commitment to enable favorable political atmosphere for the election.

Among the issues brought to the knowledge of the PM include the number of work force to mobilize for the election and the ballot paper that is being published and maximizing the chances of holding election in some of the districts in Terai where Madhesh-centric political parties are protesting the election.