Government defines people between the age 16 to 40 as youths

Kathmandu, March 7: The government has issued circulars to bodies under it to address only the persons of the age group of 16 - 40 years as youth.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports through a ministry-level decision on February 20 decided to this effect.

The Ministry stated through a press release today that it has constituted the Youth Council in accordance with the National Youth Council Act, 2072 to integrate the country's youth in the mainstream of national development and enabling them to fulfill the leadership role through enhancement of their capacity and protecting their rights and interests. It also stated that the youth committees have been formed in all the 75 districts of the country for that purpose.

The Ministry urges all those concerned from henceforth to maintain the age of the youth in the programmes of the Ministry and the secretariat, council, institutions and committees under it as per the Act, as variation has been seen in the age group of the youth in the policies and programmes of various government bodies although the Council Act specifies 16 years to 40 years as the age of the youth, it is stated in the press release.