Government mobilising 75,000 temporary cops in polls

Kathmandu: The government will be mobilising 75,000 temporary police personnel during upcoming local level elections. The Central Security Committee has decided to press around 2, 26, 000 security personnel into service for the polls. The Ministry of Home is preparing to recruit 75,000 temporary cops for the same. Most probably, it will forward a proposal to this effect to the Council of Ministers on Sunday itself.

In past elections too, governments have recruited temporary security personnel. Often, though, governments come under criticism for recruiting cadres of political parties as temporary police personnel in alleged bids to influence election outcomes. But the ministry points that there are not enough security personnel to provide security during polls, hence the need to go for recruits.

Nepal Police and Armed Police Force do not have enough personnel to provide security to around 22, 000 voting centres, the ministry pointed while making a case for recruitment.

Priority to ex-cops, soldiers 
The ministry said it will give priority to former police personnel and soldiers while recruiting temporary police personnel. It argues that it can mobilise former security personnel by giving nominal training, pointing that they can assess security threats much more effectively. The ministry will be giving priority to those personnel, who have worked as temporary police personnel during earlier elections.