UDMF cadres skirmish with police in Rajbiraj, two dies

सप्तरी तनावग्रस्त, झडपमा २ प्रदर्शनकारीको मृत्यु

One United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) cadre has succumbed to bullet injuries in Saptari's Rajbiraj after the police fired shots. Sanjan Mahato of Maleth-2 died during the post-UML program skirmish.

Madeshi Morcha cadres had hurled stones at the police after the completion of UML's Mechi-Mahakali campaign held at Rajbiraj's industrial area. The police had shot fired in the air at first but the protestors continued to pelt stones at them, and that's when the police pulled the trigger.

Witnesses have confirmed that the police's bullet had hit the deceased's head. Rajbiraj is in turmoil after the police's firing.

Protesters had clashed with the police prior to this incident in various places. As soon as the UML's program was over, the protesters had burnt one UML cadre's motorbike.