World's First 'Smart Condom'

A British company claims to have created the world's first 'smart' condom. The i.Con Smart Condom is not technically a condom but a lightweight, water resistant ring that will sit over a condom at the base of the penis. It can be employed over and over again.

The ring is currently available for pre-order on British Condoms site for £59.99 (₹4902.77).

According to the makers of i.Con, the 'condom' has the capability to record the following data about the wearer while he is engaged in sexual intercourse:

- Calories burnt during sexual intercourse

- Speed of thrusts, total number of thrusts, average velocity of thrusts

- Frequency of sessions, duration

- Girth measurement

- Average skin temperature

- Different positions used (currently being BETA tested)

Equipped with a nanochip and sensors, the ring can measure and remember a number of different variables during the wearer's sessions which can be accessed by a Bluetooth paired app for data visualisation.

The ring is rechargeable with an integrated micro USB port and takes about an hour to charge. A charge lasts for 6-8 hours of "live" usage.

Makers of i.Con have thoughtfully made the ring adjustable in size, and have assured potential users that all data will be kept anonymous. However, users will have the option of sharing their data with friends or to even make it public.