Politics taking a new course: Dahal- Oli meeting

Kathmandu: The government has invited direct confrontation to the Madheshi Front by announcing the local election date for 14 May. Political observers, including the security organs have evaluated that there is no environment to hold any kind of elections by excluding the Madheshi Front. Along with the government announcement of the date for the local elections, the Madheshi Front has announced its agitation schedule. The Front leaders are preparing to launch a decisive agitation, expectedly, a bloody confrontation.

''ओलीको फन्दामा प्रधानमन्त्री प्रचण्ड, सत्ता सुम्पन तयार'' 

“Strong pressure”

NC president SherBahadurDeuba was found saying that he was under a strong pressure to declare the election date. Similarly, Prime Minister and chairman of the Maoist Center has been saying to the party leaders that he was unable to resist the pressure from announcing the date for the local election. According to sources, they had received such a strong pressure from the Western forces.

रैथाने मधेसीद्वारा लहानमा राजेन्द्र, उपेन्द्र र महन्थको पुतला दहन

The Western forces are in a hurry to implement the present constitution which has guaranteed federalism, secularism and republicanism. The other plan of the western forces is to make Nepal a permanently unstable nation, from which, they can make space in the Nepali politics to use the Nepali soil in carrying out activities against two giant neighbours of Nepal – India and China. This is an indication that once again, the Nepali politics has gone under the Western influence and the Indian interest for amendment of the constitution has been suppressed.

Although, Deuba and Dahal are saying that they are going to table the constitution amendment proposal in the parliament, there is no sign of amendment of the constitution by responding the Madheshi Front’s concerns as well as the concern of the Indians. Obviously, announcement of the election date without amendment of the constitution has seriously hurt the Indians who had played a role to develop the present alliance among the NC, MC and Madheshi Front. The first purpose of the new coalition government was to amend the constitution.
Clash of interests:

PM Dahal doesn’t want election in the near future. Dahal is of the view of extending the tenure of the parliament for one year through a consensus among the major three parties. Dahal has analysed that his party has become very weak and if elections are held in the near future, his party can be swiped away from the mainstream forces. Still, Dahal has not seen the environment of elections, however, by pushing the country towards confrontation, he plans to prolong his tenure in the government.
Similarly, Dwuba is in a hurry to become the PM. Deuba is playing the strategy to fail Dahal from holding the local elections and demanding Dahal’s resignation on this charge.

KP Oli, on the other hand, is trying to break the present coalition by creating dispute in between NC and MC. At the meeting between Oli and Dahal at MC leader NarayankajiShrestha’s residence, Shrestha had proposed to forge an election alliance between NC and MC. In fact, in the previous government led by Oli, there was an agreement between the two parties for continuing UML-MC alliance until conducting the three elections before 21 January 2018.Oli, however, didn’t give any reply at that meeting but both the parties may develop election alliance if Dahal will break the present alliance with the NC.

Meanwhile, the Indian actors are minutely observing the developments here. If Dahalis dismissed from the PM’s post, again, Dahal may join hands with Oli and again, an anti-Indian government can be formed here, the Indians have analysed. Therefore, the Indians are playing against all possibilities of any alliance between Oli and Dahal.